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This surface conditioner and primer changes rust into a dark protective polymeric coating. It converts existing rust to an inert coating that seals out moisture to prevent future rust and corrosion. This rust converter provides an excellent primer coating for the application of quality oil-based paints. Surfaces protected with this primer and an oil-based paint system resists the effects of weather, rain, sun and salt spray without peeling or cracking. This easy-to-use product is the first step in providing long-term protection of steel and iron surfaces.

RUST-X is a complex polymer coating containing a high molecular weight organic complex in a special non-corrosive acid base. It is designed to treat rusty iron-based metals to a protected, coated surface.

Converts iron oxide (rust) to a black ferro-organic coating that incorporates the rust as part of the coating.

Forms a complex latex matrix which is resistant to further oxidation.

Forms a thin semi-monomolecular coating that makes it suitable for treating moveable parts.

RUST-X Cleans and Protects. It is inexpensive, completely safe to use, easy to apply and durable. Don't replace those costly items because they are rusty, RUST-X them.